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Guy tracks down laptop thief and posts his picture

May 31, 2011

This guy got his MacBook stolen in Oakland back in March. And he knows exactly where it is and who stole it, but the Oakland Police are too busy to track it down and arrest the guy. (Really, Oaktown?) But the guy, whose name is Joshua Kauffman, has an app called Hidden installed on his Mac. And Hidden not only tracks the computer’s location, it also takes periodic screen shots and photos with the built-in camera and posts them to an online account. Here’s the Tumblr blog with pictures of the now totally screwed thief.

So being the good paranoid, neurotic people we are, we immediately signed up for Hidden and installed it on our machines. And just before re-tweeting the story we started thinking, “Wait a second, that’s the greatest viral campaign idea ever!”

It’s on Gawker and Mashable and all over the Twitterverse. Brilliant. So out of curiosity, we emailed Joshua and just asked him flat out if it was true. He got right back to us and, for the record, he says yes indeed it is.

So it’s safe to draw a few conclusions from this little tale.

1) There’s an inverse relationship between the awesomeness of Hidden and the lameness of the Oakland Police Department.

2) Karma is a bitch.

3) Technology  can be amazing if we could only remember our passwords.

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