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The First iPad Math App for Dyslexic Kids

Mar 3, 2014

People often think that Dyslexia is just a reading problem that causes some to see words and letters differently. But dyslexics can also suffer from Dysgraphia, which drastically affects their writing too. Kids with Dysgraphia have handwriting that’s so bad, they often can’t even read it.

Voice recognition software has been a huge breakthrough in helping dyslexic kids get their thoughts on paper. Dragon software and Siri are staples of the dyslexic community.

But they don’t work for math.

And since dyslexia runs in the family of some of us here at Division of Labor we scoured the web looking for a technology solution, but there wasn’t one. So we developed one. It’s called ModMath and it basically turns the iPad into digital scratch paper so kids don’t have to write out math problems long hand. Instead it utilizes the iPad’s touch screen and a built in keypad. Think Excel but without the calculator to do the calculations for you.

We worked with our partners at Tall Tale Digital to develop the app so kids can just tap the screen and type on the keypad to set up and solve problems without ever picking up a pencil and paper. And everything can be easily printed or emailed to a teacher when it’s done.

We demoed the beta with some families in the dyslexic community and worked out a few of the bugs. Now we’re making it available free to anyone who might find it useful. Whether your kid is dyslexic or dysgraphic or just has really lousy handwriting. Download it free here and please tell us what you think.

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