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25 Hours of Angie Tribeca

Jan 31, 2016

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TBS launched Angie Tribeca in a way no other network show has ever been launched. They played the entire first season in a 25-hour commercial-free marathon viewing. And while binging full seasons is standard behavior for streaming services, it’s not for networks.

Angie Tribeca stars Rashida Jones and was created by Nancy and Steve Carell. We loved the idea of committing so heavily to a launch that you basically cancel everything else on your network. So to help promote the show, we developed the Angie Tribeca Binge Box.

Binge Boxes were sent to critics, influencers, bloggers and other TV big shots.

They were filled with everything a person needs to sit on their ass for 25 hours watching TV: adult diapers, hand sanitizer, pizza delivery coupons, sugar, coffee mugs and the all important customized Angie Tribeca Snuggie knock-off.

We’ve been working with TBS on a number of projects and this one, like all of them, was a blast. Check out the entire first season of Angie Tribeca at

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