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Vilmos Zsigmond

Jan 4, 2016


One day during the web 1.0 explosion, we created a campaign for a startup called Tom Routson directed the campaign. A friend named Todd Sandler played the lead in one of the spots and our cinematographer was none other than Vilmos Zsigmond.

The idea was dumb enough; a golfer tries to hit a shot through some trees but instead hits an errant shot into his friend’s groin.

But keep in mind, Vilmos Zsigmond shot the Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Deliverance and The Last waltz to name just a few. He was a genius and a legend yet you’d never know this 70-something man lying on the fairway looking through the lens while pointing an air canon full of ping-pong balls at Todd’s nuts was an Academy Award winner.

“Tom! Where’s Tom? Does he know I’m losing my light?!”

He laughed often and worked quickly and he made the ridiculous seem perfectly normal. When you look him up on IMDB, will not come up on his incredible list of accomplishments. He leaves behind a tremendous body of work. And we’re honored to have had the chance to spend a few days with him.









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