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The Oakland A’s star for BART.

May 13, 2016

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Besides being good baseball players, the Oakland A’s are pretty good actors too. A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle and pitching coach Curt Young star in a new spot that has the pitching coach hanging around a BART station with a radar gun clocking the train’s speed. While Sean Doolittle wonders, exactly, what the heck is wrong with Curt?

Both the guys are great on camera and with just 2 hours to shoot the entire thing, they had to take direction really well And they did.

Big thanks to Lou Weinert our DP, Tom Ruge AD and our own Christine Hurty who produced the venture.

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The campaign also includes a new outdoor component that uses BART’s iconic station maps, designed originally in 1956. We used the map artwork, but changed the station names to read as headlines to remind commuters about all they could do on the BART line after work hours.

One reminds people that, “Between work and home there are 5 concert venues to help you forget about work.” While another stays with the A’s theme and asks, “Who wants to work when you could heckle the Yankees?”

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