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It’s Easier to See the Puck in Person

Mar 1, 2017

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One of the biggest problems with NHL Hockey is that it’s a tough sport to watch on TV. You can’t see the puck. It moves too fast and it’s just too small.

So this season, we’ve been hiding custom pucks all around the Bay Area that say, “It’s easier to see the puck in person.” Find a puck and there’s a code on the back that gets you free tickets to a Sharks game.

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The whole thing plays out on Snapchat where we give clues to where the pucks are hidden. People who find them become part of the Snapchat story. And their followers get introduced to the Sharks and the whole thing is one big happy social circle. And when people are reminded of how much a better a Sharks game is in person, they’re a lot more likely to go again.


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