Kim Prigge, Business Affairs

Kim Prigge has worked as a Business Manager in advertising and film production for the past 18 years.

Her career started in San Francisco in 1994 after returning from West Africa as a volunteer in The Peace Corps. After a short stint as a producer in a small advertising agency, she helped found the bay area production company, Roaring Tiger Films.

Kim has worked with numerous Bay Area companies including Umlaut Films, Radium and Heist.

At Division of Labor, Kim is pretty much in charge of everything. She handles all things related to numbers, spread-sheets, accounting, lawyers, banks and procurement. If it’s tedious but important, it’s Kim’s job.

During her free time, Kim enjoys doing anything from singing with The Glide Ensemble to running marathons…to more recently cheering on The World Series Winners, The SF Giants!

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Division of Labor is an advertising agency, not a government agency. So if your nanny is in the country illegally, we really don't care.

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