Laura McAllister Davis, Managing Director

Laura has worked in advertising for over 15 years. And in that time, she has held positions in almost every area of the business. From client side to agency side to commercial production and even consumer strategy.

Much of her work has focused on financial services where she managed accounts like Visa, Wells Fargo and BlackRock and has the benefit of both a client and agency perspective. (A degree in math didn’t hurt either.)

Laura has also worked on technology brands like HP and Microsoft plus healthcare experience with Johnson & Johnson. There was also a long stint loading and unloading trucks for UPS, but that’s part of another bio.

As Account Director at Division of Labor, Laura not only manages and oversees every client and project in the building, she also has to understand and provide insight on every project and client in the building.

And just to keep thing interesting, she gets up at 4AM every day and runs 12 miles because there’s usually a marathon coming up a or a mountain to be climbed.

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Division of Labor is an advertising agency, not a government agency. So if your nanny is in the country illegally, we really don't care.

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