Great clients push. And they want us to push back.

Feb 11, 2013

We had a client once who wrote the following on a scrap of notebook paper:

“This entitles The Popes a free pass to be used to override client objections.”

“Choose wisely, for revenge is mine.”

No comment as to why he called us, “The Popes.” On the flip side of the paper he went on to give us leeway to override his decision one time, whenever we wanted,

“Please don’t use this to do anything you feel marginal on or I will choke you with it till your eyes bug out to goldfish proportions. This should be used on low cost, low risk, high fuck you factor back to TNT.”

The client was Steve Koonin from TNT. His basic point: I’ll push you and I expect you to push me back. If one of us is completely comfortable, neither of us is doing it right.

Great point. Thanks, Koonin. We’ll cash in this chip someday.

2girl Roaster

Jan 31, 2013

There’s a cafe next to our office called Cibo. It’s a great place and they take really good care of us. One day they came in and said they were going to stop serving Blue Bottle coffee and instead launch their own coffee brand and roast their own beans. And they asked if we’d create the brand. Nice assignment, right? They had a name, 2Girl Roaster, but nothing else. So we got to build it from scratch.

First thing we did was suggest naming each of their coffees after girls they love. (We might have taken the opportunity to include our wives in the names, but we’ll deny that if asked.) Then we described each, not like coffee, but like people. Then we made sure the descriptions were funny, and didn’t say things like, “Bright finish with a sunny palette.”

We designed a logo to be stamped onto their parchment coffee bags and designed all the in store signage and posters. The result is a brand with all the personality of the two girls who started it. Thanks, Tera and Olija. Have a look at the work here.

2girl Roaster is attached to Cibo at 1201 Bridgeway in Sausalito, right next store to Division of Labor so if you go there, come say hello.

Fear Never Made a Brand Famous

Jan 16, 2013

A really smart friend of ours once said, “If you’re 100% happy with your product at launch, you waited too long to launch it.”

He’s a start-up guy. And he knows what a lot of start-ups know; You have to put something out into the world to figure out if the world wants it. In other words, quit talking and make something.

Same goes for advertising. The whole point is to make stuff that people see, so they’ll think something about your brand or have an emotional reaction or talk about you.

Good clients and smart marketers, make stuff. They don’t have endless meetings talking about the adjectives in their brand pyramid or their Powerpoint deck.

They make things. They make things that regular people will see and engage with out in the world so their brand gets attention.

There’s always reason to wait until the new product comes out or you revise the strategy deck again or until that new so-in-so comes on board or until the new packaging is done or until the projections are better or until whatever the hell you’re worried about changes.

But fear never made a brand famous.

Great campaigns and brilliant ideas make brands famous. But only if they get out of the boardroom where people can see them.

Cars that drive themselves?

Jan 9, 2013


We’ve been working with Ford on a few projects lately. So we knew they had some pretty great cars coming out. But when we saw this demo on Motoramic, we got a pretty good idea of how the public might react. This guy drives the Lincoln MKZ and demos their new Lane Keeper feature. Which basically does what you’d think it does: keeps you in your lane. But paired with the radar based cruise control that locks on to the vehicle in front of you, the car basically drives itself. The feature is also on the new Ford Fusion. Check out the piece. Well done Ford.


Ashton Kutcher likes the New Rules of Work

Dec 13, 2012

Our friends at sent an email this morning with Ashton Kutcher’s picks for holiday gifts. And what do you know? The New Rules of Work posters are among them. We’re honored and now have another excuse to pimp them again as holiday gift of choice. Thanks Ashton @aplusk. Appreciate the love.




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